Aggie on her bike getting her morning constitutionalI’ve got it, how to make a web page. Anyway, I want to. So this website is like our farm-house kitchen, the warm nerve center where nourishing good things come from. The kitchen drawers and cupboards open with a click of a mouse, or the scroll of a finger. Instead of rice, tea, and jam in one cupboard, pots pans, and dishes in another, milk and other living things in the refrigerator, and home-made soup simmering on the stove, there are words and stories under tabs.

One tab covers medical writing; published books and articles completed and already published like cakes out of the oven, and another holds thoughts and tales still simmering as in blog posts. There are links to other nurse writers and medical writers whose perspectives on medicine I find so important.

Cortney Davis, Judy Shaefer and Muriel Murch sort it all out after lunch.

Cortney Davis, Judy Shaefer and Muriel Murch sort it all out after lunch.

Another tab holds the farm news. The seasons are followed, growth and harvest in this area of West Marin with the farmers who work the land. This is growing, added to, and turned like compost into The Farm Stand Harvest. Naturally, there are a few farm favorite recipes. How can I not, now that I have the idea of the website as a kitchen?

Henry with two wives checking on the compost.

Here is Henry with two wives checking on the compost.

Oh, I nearly forgot there will be Podcasts. My radio life, begun in literature at KPFA in the late 1980’s and is now visited in story, interviews, and discussions at my beloved KWMR. (See, the links and tabs are happening already.) The music for the podcasts and other radio pieces that will show up here was composed and performed by Pete Horner. The podcasts are in the pantry. Put away in an audio division all of their own. One day I hope to transcribe and publish the Letters From A. Broad under the covers of its own book. But until then … they are patient

Muriel recording for her podcasts

Muriel recording for her podcasts

Beatrice Murch is helping me with the website. So we are having a little fun together. Just as I taught her to bake, standing on a chair by my side in the farm kitchen now she helps me with this digital adventure and if you have read this far, then it is working.

TravelingAggieThere is a tab for clicking and contacting me and I hope you do. I love to hear from readers and will answer all the questions I can. Enjoy looking into the cupboards of my mind, and heart.

Muriel A. Murch.