Muriel (Aggie) Murch graduated as a nurse in England in 1964, was accredited as a nurse in the US and then added a BSN from San Francisco State in 1991.  Journey in the Middle of the Road, One Woman’s Journey through a Mid-Life Education,  was published by Sybil Press in 1995. Her short stories and poetry are included in several university press anthologies and on-line journals focused on medical writings and women’s health issues. Among them Between the Heart Beats; Poetry and Prose by Nurses 1995 and Intensive Care: More Poetry and Prose by Nurses 2003 were both published by Ohio Press. Stories of Illness and Healing, Women Write Their Bodies, was published by Kent State University press in 2007.  The Story of Christmas; The Muscovy Duck was published in a limited edition in 2010. Muriel continues to write stories and poetry while producing independent radio programs for KWMR: 90.5 FM Point Reyes Station, 89.9 FM. Bolinas, 92.3 Lagunitas, and on line at www.KWMR.org