A Parcel at the Post Office

Farmer Pete

Peter Martinelli’s helping hands

Arrived in NW1

The Bell Lap arrives in NW1

Shelved in NW1

And is shelved, over photographs of Bobby

The yellow slip, almost used up with names and numbers, is stuffed into our roadside mailbox. I put it in my jacket pocket, now ready to walk into town before the next rain storm moves in and lingers over the village.
Shannon passes the parcel across the post office counter. It is very light.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. Stay dry.” As I turn to leave, Peter Martinelli, who is leafing through his mail box gleanings, smiles a hello. We stop and great each other. Peter is a farmer, a DJ on KWMR, and a good chum. It was time to confess to him that I have written a piece about him for a new book; ‘Peter brings the best presents.’ We chat and I show him the parcel and ask, “Who is it from?” He digs into a pocket fumbling for his glasses, “ This is new” he smiles as he finds and then puts them on.
“ Francis and Taylor” he replies. And I realize this contains the culmination of the last few years of work.
“ Oh you have to help me. I can’t do this alone.” Peter smiles and in his farming way understands that I need a witness and help with something that is too big for me.
“You have a knife?” Of course he does and it is much easier to reach and use than the glasses. Smoothly he pulls out and opens his knife, sliding it effortlessly along the packing seams and slitting them open. Together we pull back the cardboard flaps and there they lie, five copies of The Bell Lap. Alex Hillkurtz’s art work is smiling at me and I smile back. But I don’t dare to take a copy out. Peter has to encourage me to do so.
There it is, as thin and delicate as a journal. We laugh together as I bundle the box back up and walk to his pick-up truck outside the post-office.
We linger while Peter shares his good news. He has a new restaurant buyer for all of his organic farm produce. I run my hands through the light compost he has in the back of his truck. He is preparing his soil for planting while I have just harvested my ripe fruit. The sun began to shine as I walked home holding the box of books close to me.

7 thoughts on “A Parcel at the Post Office

  1. Oh, so sweet, so very sweet. I feel I was there with you, peter M. and that precious box.
    susanna henderson


  2. So happy for you Aggie! Great accomplishment… 🙂 Yay!! Congratulations ! (for whatever reason I could not post my comment on your blog this time, go figure…) That gives me the opportunity to email you though… Sending a BIG hug! Good job Aggie! Much love


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  3. hi Aggie – Congratulations! I am waiting for our copy which Nally assured me “is in our box as of 10am”..that was yesterday and I didn’t want to bore her with the vagaries of Alaskan mail so I nodded (in my email) and thought, “that’ll be another week”…Love seeing and hearing about Peter Martinelli and I hope your birthday is a great big Blast! I love you. K



    • Darling, Lovely to hear from you. You know, it could be there soon. Pretty amazing to know The Bell Lap is out there. Tomorrow morning I am in the city for West Coast Live on KALW with Sedge Thomson. Somewhen between 10 and 12 noon. And then to Berkley to sit by our Beloved Erik who seems to be slipping into his own Bell Lap.
      Tender love to you. Your pal on the ground mxm


  4. This is great Aggie. Congratulations and enjoy success. Thank you for sending Nick your electronic card. I have sent it to him electronically but will also take this iPad to him on my next visit. Will be in touch. Love from all of us Sally

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